fatigue and pain — what else :P

today, my grandma came over — this time she brought her cleaning lady.
they were Amazing!! they reorganized my entire kitchen, which would have taken me soooo long … i’m beyond appreciative they did that for me. my daughter even helped, which she loves, so that was great.

carol, the ‘cleaning lady,’ cleaned the floors in my living room, cleaned my sofa and a chair, polished and waxed my armoire and kitchen table, and basically was just phenomenal.
my grandma did so much in the kitchen it was ridiculous. i tried to help but she literally told me to get out!! lol

after they left, i felt the need to clean up this back room a bit. pretty stupid idea, but i shoved some boxes down the basement stairs and swept up.
i’m definitely going to ask my guy to help with the rest, but he’s been in bed for hours. poor thing has sinusitis and feels horrible 😦
but when he’s better, he can take the boxes down and i can Finally have this room how i want it. once that’s done, and my books are put away, the house will be set up!! then maybe we can have company!

i probably should go to bed — i think i will after i publish this … i spent Forever trying to find a way to have more than one blog and i figured it out, but it wasn’t easy b/c wp didn’t want to cooperate with me. i wanted it done one way — and was actually finished — when it decided to take my posts from me and make me import them and redo the entire page. grrrr…
oh well, it’s done now.
but tomorrow i get to do the page for articles and posts … turn that into a blog. i already have the page set up, but so don’t have the energy to copy/paste everything right now.

and heck, i didn’t get any of my revising done. i just couldn’t focus. not a clue why. i’m really loving what i’m doing and i’m realizing that this full request might be a good thing — yeah, i’m a idiot and didn’t want to send in yet another one … who does that? who gets upset when someone requests your complete manuscript for a possible contract? people who are fuzzy and confused like me, i suppose.
but now that i’m getting the book how i want it, i think it’s working pretty darn well and i’ll be excited to send it off and see the response.
so why can’t i work on it? *shrugs*
such is life with lupus……

and off to bed i go to scroll through tweetdeck ’til i’m tired enough to pass out. (well, i’m Definitely tired enough, but my brain doesn’t like to do what my body demands.)



About Amy Cate

I have lupus. I'm doing my damndest to advocate and spread awareness. This is just one of the ways I'm involved =D
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