have you ever been low? (11.15.10)

i have kelly clarkson’s song, ‘low,’ stuck in my head and it’s driving me nuts. it’s certainly not doing anything to cheer me up. my whole body aches and i really thought i slept well last night for the first time in forever. i guess maybe i didn’t sleep enough. i might go take a nap. i did do kind of a lot yesterday. nothing physical, but i was forced to tax my brain when i really shouldn’t have.
well, i wanted to — i was doing stuff i was really liking … with both of my books. now today, when i have disability stuff to fill out…like HAVE to because it’s due and i need to get it faxed down state to get the process going…i don’t have the brain capacity to do so. but my night will be spent doing it anyway, which really sounds like no fun at all.
i have to type it all up and attach pages because my medicine makes me shake so badly i can’t write. plus, there’s so dang much to write (and like no space given…) that my hand will for sure cramp up. but my fingers hurt, so typing’s not exactly fun, either.
i’m nauseous and achy and my ankles feel all weird and make it hard to walk. i’m getting a headache i’m about to take something for. oh, and i think i’m getting a cold or something because my throat hurts and my nose is messed up and i have out of control pressure in my sinuses.
i love getting sick on top of being sick already đŸ˜›
’tis fun lol



i’m sure i have more to say — more to vent, but i honestly just don’t have the energy to do it. so that’s all for today.


About Amy Cate

I have lupus. I'm doing my damndest to advocate and spread awareness. This is just one of the ways I'm involved =D
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