so glad it’s january!

any excuse to look at johnny.....

yes, i was MIA in december.
i apologize for that 😦

working some meds out of my body and just trying to get myself … body and life … back in order. or simply get it in order, rather… for the first time in a long time.

but i’m better … not perfect. have to get blood work done tomorrow so we’ll see if the activity has stopped or at least slowed..

i’m off the Megace .. have been for a bit now, but it takes a while to leave your system so it’s been over a month and i’m just now starting to look like myself (my face … it’s not so fat anymore lol). the hormones are still affecting how i feel, that’s for sure! can’t wait ’til it’s all gone.
overall, i gained 35lbs, but i’ve dropped a little bit of the upper weight i didn’t need. now i’m good. anywhere from 116-120 and i’m 5’3″ — i was at 88/9 so that’s a substantial amt of weight and i love it. i always knew 117 was my fave weight … after i had my daughter that’s what i stayed at for about a year (until the divorce … stress made me lose … plus the lupus started becoming active without me knowing it yet..). now i just have to try my butt off (i actually have one now! first time ever :)) to maintain the weight once the Megace leaves for good. so we’ll see.

but life is better and i think productivity and happiness will help. i don’t have as much stress anymore.
the disability people didn’t receive my questionnaire, apparently, but that’s the last part now. they have all of my records plus i’ve seen their doctors, so i just have to make them understand what my life is really like. i have the help of a *disability guru* so i’m following her instructions to the T and we’ll see what happens.

unfortunately, i DO have to appeal my medicaid disability decision (for the state … completely separate from federal), because they didn’t ask ME anything! only went based on work experience and med records.
*my rheumy did say i’m unable to work for at least twelve months*
but … the state claims that since i worked over the summer for a couple months, that i’m ok to work. but since they didn’t ask me or take the time to look at any correlations … they didn’t realize that the work is what drove me into the horrible flare i had.
so my caseworker said it’d be easy to appeal. i just have to get a letter to her and she’ll set up the hearing (just me, her, and a state worker … she said it won’t be bad).

so that’s the work i Really have to do today. finish the questionnaire and write that letter and drop the letter off and fax the other on tuesday (since tomorrow’s a holiday..). i’m just glad i wrote most of my questionnaire on my computer — they do Not give you enough room and besides, my hand wouldn’t work for that long to write it all out!! so i can just fill out the basic stuff, update what’s on the computer, and send it off.
and then play the waiting game … the fun part 😛

i suppose i’m off to do that, then.

oh, i’m signing up for wordpress’ blogging challenge. i’m going to do the blog weekly simply b/c i have three separate blogs b/w the wild within ones and my eden tyler blog — BIG NEWS on that once coming as soon as i finish this and get over there!!!
so i’ll be writing mostly every day (tuesday is my day off b/c it’s my guy’s day off) … 2 days will be here, 2 dedicated to news on the main page, and 2 days on eden’s blog. just have to decide the schedule and i’ll post it on each blog.

all right, i’m gone from here for now. later!! 🙂


About Amy Cate

I have lupus. I'm doing my damndest to advocate and spread awareness. This is just one of the ways I'm involved =D
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