Why a Separate Page?

So I wanted three blogs on my site, but that’s not exactly an option for a basic wp site. I found myself writing pages, with child pages being the *posts* for the *blog*



After a while, those dropdown lists were gonna end up pretty long — not to mention I had them listed on the sidebar.
Plus the reader has to click on each one individually.
Oh, and they’re not part of the feed if you subscribe and I can’t syndicate the posts for Facebook and Twitter.


So my solution was to start a couple other blogs — this one here for my journal and the other for my other articles and posts that are on the web in other places.


If you’re here, you obviously figured that clicking on the page titled ‘My Lupus Blog’ on the header or sidebar of the main page brings you to this new blog, where you can scroll through, and subscribe to the feed if you want (although it’ll be set up on the main page to do that, as well.)


To head back to the main website with the news and everything else, just click on the ‘Go Back to the Main Website Tab’ on the header … simple enough! Not much to this page, but it does what I want!


Thanks for stopping by over here 🙂


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